For the entire month of May, I’ve been participating in a multi-author giveaway with authors Simone Kelly and Cydney Rax. Since this month (and the giveaway) are wrapping up, I wanted to give you one last chance to enter!

book lovers giveaway sadeqa johnson

Here’s all the info you need to know:

Today we will announce the last lucky winner of the Book Lovers Giveaway! Make sure you sign up before 4:00 pm EST.

Winners will receive not one, but three signed copies of books! You will get:

  1. Like a Fly on the Wall by Simone Kelly
  2. Revenge of the Mistress by Cyndey Rax
  3. Second House From the Corner by Sadeqa Johnson

All winners will also get the chance to be on a private webinar with all three authors to chat about the books and ask questions!


  • Join our mailing lists just by texting 22828 and enter in LIKEAFLY. (Make sure your phone doesn’t spellcheck/add spaces!)
  • Follow the instructions and add your email address, and then you’ll be added to our list. (Note: This feature does NOT save your cell phone and we will not contact you again via your phone after you text your email.)
  • On Friday our team will randomly select a winner!

This is your last chance to enter, so make sure you do so before 4:00 pm today!

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