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Our longtime friends from New Jersey came down for a visit and with them they brought wind of a movie on Netflix called What the Health? They told us that if we watched it, it would change our eating habits. They viewed the movie in June and have since gone on a plant-based diet.

“The whole family?” I asked. “Even the kids?”

“Yes, because I refuse to cook two meals,” my friend said. I couldn’t help rolling my eyes. I’ve been pescatarian since 1998 so all I know is cooking two meals, even in January when my Honey and I go on the Daniel fast for twenty-one days, all plant-based, no yeast, no sugar, nothing to drink but water. The kids give up sugar but that’s all. Honey and I always champion how good and clean those twenty-one days makes us feel but when the twenty-one days are over we are back to inhaling dairy (I have a weakness for cheese), and slurping down succulent oysters and salmon. Being healthy can get, well, boring after a while. Who doesn’t want a fried mozzarella stick or bang bang shrimp on a Friday night? Me!

When our friends left for home, my Honey, a natural night owl, watched What the Health? while I was sleeping. The next morning, I was scrambling eggs for breakfast and he said, “You’ve got to watch it. I don’t think I can eat meat again after seeing it.” I dropped the spatula. “Wait, what?”

If you know my Honey you know that he is the biggest carnivore on this side of the mason Dixon line. Now I’m nervous because I don’t want to make any drastic changes. It’s August, we are going to the beach in a week with my family (where we eat everything) and then there is the back to school hustle. No time for a lifestyle change, but he insisted. So we watch it a few hours later on our drive to Maryland. The kids complained but we don’t run a democracy, so we took their phones and made them watch.

giving plant-based try

Let’s just say that the movie completely changed my outlook on food. The benefits of eating a plant-based diet are astounding. We made a cold turkey decision right there in the car that we were going to make a change as a family, kids too. They of course started pouting; how in the world could they give up Chick Fil A? Not wanting them to keel over, I told them they wouldn’t have to and we came up with a compromise. As a family, we eat plant-based meals Sunday-Thursday. Friday night is still pizza night and they can eat what they like on the weekends. We pack their lunch for school and they can still have that turkey and cheese sandwich. Just more fruit and less chips and vegetarian-based dinners. The first week was touch and go, but as I’ve started experimenting with recipes I’ve found that I’ve enjoyed trying new things. This is our fourth week and I think we’ve all reached a healthy medium. I feel the difference in my body, mind, and spirit.

Here’s one of the recipes that was a hit for the whole family. Have you tried anything new lately in your diet? Let me know what you think. Love you for reading!

Sweet and Sour Cauliflower

giving plant-based try sweet spicy cauliflower

[Source: The Fitchen]

The kids complain about eating cauliflower, but this one they said wasn’t too bad. It’s quick and easy and I love anything that does its own thing in the oven. (Click here for recipe)

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